Upload 2 or 3 photos of you working on your terrarium or aquarium. Add a caption for each photo.
This is Lucy and I looking through our terrarium
This is Lucy and I writing down how the aquarium has grown from the day before

Tell 4 or more things you learned about ecosystems during this unit of study.

1. I learned that if somthing gets taken out of the circle/chain that everything dies.

2. I learned that when acid rain or smoke comes in the ecosystem the plants die and then the bugs/animals don't have anything to eat, and then they don't survive.

3. I learned that the ecosystem is very important to rhe earth.

4. I learned that the algee is green when out of water but clear in water and fish eat it.
  • Coral Reef
  • I'm reporting on the coral reef I will tell you many things about it.
  • The location of the coral reef is located in the tropical oceans near the equator. Also they are very shalow in the water near the land/shore.
  • The tempature of the coral reef is about 18 degrees celcius.
  • The landforms there are made out of sand, rock, and coral.
  • The produsers in the reef are coral, anemone, and sponge.
  • The consumers there are the sharks, the cod, and the parrotfish and clownfish.
  • last but not least they are the scavengers! the scavengers are the wrasses,and the remoras.
external image original-shark-pic.jpgexternal image remora-fish.jpgexternal image 250px-SpongeColorCorrect.jpg
This is the shark also they are the consumers. This is the remora it is a scavenger. This is the sponge they are producers.
    • location
    • temperature
    • landforms
    • producers (plants)
    • consumers (animals)
    • scavengers (animals) that can be found there.