This is my partner Mark working in his science notebook!
This is my partners,Mark and Thomas and I working on our aquarim


The location is the Ocean!!!
Its surface is about 28 degrees Fahrenheit and -2 degrees celsius at the poles all year!!!Oceans in the rest of the world change temperature!
The land form is mostly water and sand,there is coral too!!!
There are many plants in the Ocean,some are microscopic and some are 1 foot tall!!!Even though the Oceans plants are way down under water they still need sun light to live!
Lots and lots and lots of animals live in the oceans including many kinds of small fish,sharks,dolphins,sea turtles,lion fish;and many more!!Some of these animals are scavengers and some are consumers!!

external image oceans3d_turtle.jpgThis is a sea turtle who has spent all his/her life in the water and can live for hundeds of years!!!

external image baby-seal.jpgThis is a baby seal on the artic ice!!!
external image penguin-chick.jpegThis is an over weight penguin!!!!!

external image baby_harp_seal_682_458143a-715344.jpgThis is a harp seal!!!!

external image 964.PinkDolphin.jpgThis is a pink dolphin!!!