Upload 2 or 3 photos of you working on your terrarium or aqua
This is Mark having an awsome time observing his terriam.
rium. Add a caption for each photo.
This is me and Sam working on our terriam.

Tell 4 or more things you learned about ecosystems during this unit of study.

1. How to make a fish ecosystem.

2. Learned what photosynthesis is.

3. Pruducers make the food for the concumers, scavengers.

4. What the CO2 means, H2O, and O2.

external image 208862521_aa144a6561.jpg
If you are finished:external image desert-dune04.jpg

1. Read a book about an ecosystem. Desert

2. On your Ecoystems page that you created, post the following information:

  • Name of Ecosystem: Desert

  • a brief description of it...include: I picked deserts in Egypt because they're very hot{which I love}, they have awesome consumers, producers, and scavengers like a spadefoot toad or a red tailed hawk. They have humongous dunes that are very high. I'd like to go to a desert some time. But first, I want to learn about it.
    • location: Egypt
    • temperature: 100 degress
    • landforms: Dunes
    • producers (plants): Cactus, Agave, Ocotillo, Oragan Pipe Cactus, Sauaro
    • consumers (animals): Spadefoot toad, Kangoroo rat,
    • scavengers (animals) that can be found there.: Vultures, Red Tailed Hawk

Go to Google Images and find some pictures of your new ecosystem. You will need to first save them to your documents folder. They need to be in .jpg format. Post them to your Wiki page by clicking on File, Upload, then find your H Drive where you saved your photos.