Upload 2 or 3 photos of you working on your terrarium or aquarium. Add a caption for each photo.

In this picture Me and Ella are working on our Aquarium.

This is a picture of Me and Ella putting water in our terrarium.

Tell 4 or more things you learned about ecosystems during this unit of study.

1.I learned about consumers,produsers, and scavengers.

2.I learned about fish and snails.

3.I learned about how much water the plantes need.

4.I learned about photosynthesis.
If you are finished:

1. Read a book about an ecosystem.

2. On your Ecoystems page that you created, post the following information:

  • Name of Ecosystem
  • a brief description of it...include:
    • location-Africa, Austraialia, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, South Asia
    • temperature-80 degrees Fahrenheit
    • landforms-Rocky, Hills, Swamps, Trees, Shrubs and Wet
    • producers (plants)
    • consumers-Flower Mantis, Katydid, Toco toucan, Eagles, parrots, Sloths, tree froges, Red eyed tree froges, Monkeys, And lots more.
    • scavengers-Earth worms, Termites, King Valture, giant millipede, army ants
Go to Google Images and find some pictures of your new ecosystem. You will need to first save them to your documents folder. They need to be in .jpg format. Post them to your Wiki page by clicking on File, Upload, then find your H Drive where you saved your photos.