1.I learned how long it takes for a mustard seed to grow

2.i learned how to take care of fish.
3.I learned about crickets and iccopods.

4.I learned that snails eat algea.
this is me and ethan observing my aquarium
This is me and Jack looking at our fish.

If you are finished:

1. Read a book about an ecosystem.

2. On your Ecoystems page that you created, post the following information:

  • Name of Ecosystem
  • a brief description of it...include:
    • location:tropical rain forest.
    • temperature:fairly warm up to eighty degrees.
    • landforms:vines,rivers,hills.
    • producers:tall trees.
    • consumers:jaguar.
    • scavengers:iccopods,monkeys.rainforest cover roughly 5 % OF EARTH witch is about 2.4 million square miles!external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSCIMYneLtJGTv7vUjVZEyRJhL5i5lNwTiDa57AxhBg5yaaCceH_Q