Upload 2 or 3 photos of you working on your terrarium or aquarium. Add a caption for each photo.

This is me and Drew writing about the aquarium
This is William and Alex smiling for the camra

Tell 4 or more things you learned about ecosystems during this unit of study
1.A ecosystemi is filled with living subsystems.

2.ecosystems are all in the world.

3.ecosystems can be big or small.

4.they can be on land or water.

If you are finished:

1. Read a book about an ecosystem.

2. On your Ecoystems page that you created, post

the following information:
Name of Ecosystem-rainforest
  • a brief description of it...include:
    • location-other side of equator
    • temperature-80 fahrenhiet
    • landforms-trees and water
    • producers (plants)-trees,flowers and moss
    • consumers (animals)-lizards,frogs and snakes
    • scavengers (animals) that can be found there.-panthers,birds,crocodiles and bugs

Go to Google Images and find some pictures of your new ecosystem. You will need to first save them to your documents folder. They need to be in .jpg format. Post them to your Wiki page by clicking on File, Upload, then find your H Drive where you saved your photos

This is a crocodile in the wild.

This is a snake resting.

This is a tiger sneaking up on sompthing.