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Let's be apart of the ISS downlink on May 31st!

NASA Expedition Resources (click here)
Once you click the link, please scroll down to see NASA resources for the Elementary Classroom!

ISS space station


More fun resources.... click here for the fun!

Ideas and Questions to think about for research:

  • The International Space Station
    • Who is up there?
    • Why?
    • What have they been studying?
    • What are some of the experiments that have been conducted?
    • What are they studying now?
    • Why did it start?
    • What 15 countries are participating?
    • What is the purpose of the ISS?
    • How do the United States Astronauts get to the ISS?
    • What does each country contribute?
  • Planets
  • Sun's explosions
  • Microgravity (see resources for video under.. More fun resources...
  • Stars
  • The Moon
  • The actual building of the ISS
  • Orbital Debris
  • How to become and astronaut
  • Living in space