This Shows Micheal Justin And Park Doing A Terrarium Project
Me And Drew Doing A Terrarium Project

1.I Learned about Icopods

2.I Learned that snails eat algae

3.I Learned about Scangers, Consumers and Decomposers

4.I Learned That the fish in my aqurium are misquito fish

  • Name of Ecosystem : Coral Reef
    • location : Austrailia Coral Reef, Sometimes the red sea and hawaii
    • temperature: Very Cold in some parts and a bit warm in others
    • landforms: SUNLIT ZONE
    • Producers: algae,sea plants,plankton
    • consumers, common dolphin,tuna,plankton,clam,puffer fish,eel
    • scavengers cone snail,plankton
    • Predators: Barracuda,Angel Fish And Spotted Grouper