Upload 2 or 3 photos of you working on your terrarium or aquarium. Add a caption for each photo.
This is Ethan and i working on our aquarium observations. And this is us smiling for the camera.
Tell 4 or more things you learned about ecosystems during this unit of study.

1.I learned that if a part of the ecosystem didnt exist it would effect the rest of it.

2.i also learned about producers


4.and also scavengers.

If you are finished:

1. Read a book about an ecosystem.

2. On your Ecoystems page that you created, post the following information:

  • Name of Ecosystem-ARTIC OCEAN!!!
  • a brief description of it...include:
    • location-Artic ocean and the Pacific ocean.
    • temperature-1291.3[COOLEST EVER RECORDED!!]up to -3.2 [WARMEST EVER RECORDED!!]
    • landforms -The antartic ice cap,snow and ice, glaciers,icebergs,ice shelves,sea ice and also...mountains,valcanoes and lakes.
    • producers (plants)-grasses,mosses,lichen and dwarf willows and artic willows
    • consumers (animals)-elk,moose,caribou,polar bears,artic hares,lemmings,snowy owl,grizzley bear.
    • scavengers (animals) that can be found there.-

Go to Google Images and find some pictures of your new ecosystem. You will need to first save them to your documents folder. They need to be in .jpg format. Post them to your Wiki page by clicking on File, Upload, then find your H Drive where you saved your photos.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTlz1ybU10_qIODPq98BCrp9omjqkFG2siQ1XtfPvzIDBo1go8This is a harp seal.